Only 2 in 58 people answered more than 12 correctly.
Creatures great and small, the Lord God made them all! But how well do you remember them? From talking snakes to swarming locust, the Bible is full of fascinating creatures. Take this newest quiz and test your knowledge today!
Many phrases we use every day found their start in the Bible! But do you know which ones? Take this fun test to see whether your favorite idiom is a biblical Proverb, or something else entirely!
What would you do if you lived during biblical times? Would you be a peasant or a ruler?
Take the questions to find out your knowledge level!
Explore your personality and discover what profession you would have had in biblical times.
How well do you know your Bible? Test your knowledge by correctly identifying in which book these famous Bible verses are found.
Put your Christian knowledge to the test with these 12 Bible Questions EVERY Christian should be able to answer. Let us know how you did in the comments.
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